Operations and Administration

Here is an overview of the internal workings of the agency and the roles of various departments

Census and Survey

  • Annual agricultural crop sample survey, five or ten yearly samples census, fishery, livestock and forestry survey, census of Agric modern Holding.
  • Labour force, consumer survey, core welfare questionnaires survey and all other household based surveys other than Agric survey.
  • Compilation and maintenance of frames i.e. enumeration area and establishment frames data collection for all surveys of SBS, supervision of L.G.A offices.
  • Census of industries and businesses, annual and quarterly establishment surveys, survey of hotels and restaurants, building and construction survey.

Social and Economic Statistics

  • Collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of education statistics.
  • Collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of Motor Vehicle statistics.
  • Collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of health statistics.
  • Collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of price statistics.
  • Computation of state Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
  • Computation of SDG indicators.

Research and Methodology

  • Research into Local units of measure and survey methods support analytical functions of SBS Quality Control.
  • Develop, set, maintain and promote statistical standards for the State statistical system and S.A.S. design of sample surveys.
  • Preparation of five yearly and annual programs, budgets, quarterly and annual reports.
  • Coordinate SBS and NBS activities, and activities of Departments of SBS.
  • Produce, integrating publication like State statistical Year Book, Digest of statistics.
  • Respond to local and international questionnaire.
  • Run the library and the sales outfit of SBS.
  • Tender secretariat.
  • Network design and installation and development of application software.
  • Design of census and surveys instruments.

Corporate and Technical

  • Liaise with both local and foreign donors partners.

Finance and Accounts

  • Processing of all payments in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance and office of the Accountant General.
  • Preparation of Financial Report on monthly basis or as at when required by the Chief Accounting Officer.
  • Posting and updating of Cash Books.
  • Posting and updating of Department Vote Expenditure.
  • Preparation of Staff Nominal Roll and submission of same to the Ministry of Finance and Budget.
  • Coordinating of all banking transactions.
  • Preparation of Bank Reconciliation Statements on monthly basis.
  • Attending to all financial issues coming from other MDAs.
  • Ensuring the safe custody of all financial documents such as Cheque books, tellers, official rubber stamp e.t.c.
  • Maintaining of Petty Cash Books as approved by the Chief Accounting Officer through the Fund Allocation Committee.
  • Checking and counter-checking of both internal and external Payment Vouchers.
  • Submission of Internal Audit Report to the offices of the Accountant-General and Auditor-General.

Administrations and Supplies

  • Promotion of staff.
  • Training needs to promote staff’s productivity.
  • Discipline of erring members of staff.
  • Preparation of the Bureau’s annual estimates in conjunction with the Finance and Accounts Department.
  • Policy formulation and implementation.
  • Management of the Registries (Open and Confidential).
  • Procurements and supply of items needed for unhindered operational activities.
  • Store management.
  • Maintenance of the Bureau’s assets.
  • Coordination of the activities of the drivers attached to the Bureau.